Current Portfolio

Container double stack

Distribution Logistics Infrastructure Limited (DLI)
  • IIP own 99.99%
  • DLI is a national, infrastructure based, rail-linked logistics company developing large warehousing capacity and the capability to deliver integrated supply chain solutions
  • Founded in 1972 as a south India based container handling and transport company, DLI has transformed to a pan India multimodal operator with large road and rail linked terminals
  • DLI is strategically located in areas covering ~60% of containerised EXIM cargo in India
  • Limited competition from other service providers and high barriers to entry – very difficult to replicate DLI integrated model and footprint
  • Solid, long term, blue chip customers and exclusive contracts
  • Strong and effective management team with hands-on experience in planning, project implementation, ramp-up and mature operations
  • Significant asset base  of consolidated land with rail sidings and statutory approvals
  • Significant expansion opportunities at existing terminals and other strategic cargo centres
  • A potential leader for industry consolidation, rationalisation and growth
Completed barrage at SMHPCL, close up of spillway gates (27 in total)

Shree Maheshwar Hydel Power Corporation Limited
  • IIP is directly and indirectly interested in up to 35.4%
  • SMHPCL is the first large scale hydro project awarded to the private sector
  • 400 MW (ten 40MW turbines) hydroelectric plant in Madhya Pradesh
  • Located at Mandaleshwar, 108km southwest of Indore in Madhya Pradesh
  • Situated on the Narmada river – fifth largest river in India
  • Developed as part of the Narmada Basin Development Plan
  • Project will provide electricity and drinking water
  • The project is expected to reduce peaking power shortage of the state by 25%
  • Long history – work first began in 1997, re-commenced in 2006 and many challenges overcome to reach this stage
  • IIP invested 2008 (£13m) and 2011 (£16.5m)
  • IIP has certain downside IRR protections provided by the developer
  • Long-term PPA with state electricity board and regulated 16% return on equity
  • Civil works largely complete with 27 gates and 3 of the 10 turbines installed
  • Progress has been delayed by financing constraints, but SMHPCL and other stakeholders, under the guidance of the Ministry of Finance are exploring options to complete the project
  • SMHPCL has received approval to fill the reservoir to a level of 154 metres
Wind Energy Project

Indian Energy Limited (IEL)
  • IIP own 100%
  • IEL is an independent power producer with two operating wind farms with 41.3 MW capacity
  • Cash flow visibility already established through long-term PPA with state electricity board and group captive arrangement
  • Group captive arrangement provides better tariffs as industry is willing to pay for reliable power
  • At both projects, the suppliers of the turbines have set up state-of-the-art O&M infrastructure
  • O&M long-term contracts with established pricing that includes replacement of spares
  • Pipeline identified for near- and medium-term opportunities
  • When pursuing new projects, IEL typically takes limited development risk with projects being acquired when fully permitted
  • Strong support for wind energy – India has 4th largest installed wind capacity globally
  • The Theni project is located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu (16.5 MW)
  • The Gadag Plains project is located in the southern state of Karnataka, near Hubli (24.8 MW)
  • Estimated P75 load factor: Theni (31%); Gadag 23%)
IHDC – 5MW Darna project showing tailrace

India Hydropower Development Company, LLC
  • IIP own 50%
  • IHDC is a developer of small hydro projects, with six operational projects (62 MW) and an additional 24MW under advanced development or construction
  • Opportunities to expand existing capacity and pipeline
  • All projects, except two, have long-term PPAs with state electricity boards
  • IHDC cash flow from operations is funding construction of two remaining projects
  • DLZ corporation, IIP’s 50% partner, has vast experience in the sector with over 30 years experience in design and operation of hydro projects
  • Hydro has typically low operating costs with no fuel and limited maintenance
  • Several states have favourable policies to support development of small hydro assets